Keith Morris

Episode 17 - Keith Morris

Keith Morris, his partner Kori Gelinas and their two daughters own and operate Willing Crossing Farm in Johnson Vermont, where they maintain one of the most diverse collections of fruit and nut trees in the northeast. They also keep bees and run an apothecary, with an increasing stock of herbs and essential oils. Keith is a former competitive snowboarder and works developing snowboarding gear and riding the backcountry in his spare time.

Keith is the founder of Prospect Rock Permaculture, Vermont’s longest running Permaculture Institute and a co-founding board member of the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (P.I.N.E.). He has been instrumental in bringing Permaculture to the northeast and teaching at the university level - including the University of Vermont, Sterling College, Saint Michaels College, Paul Smiths College and the Yestermororw Design Build School in the Waitsfield, Vermont. He also teaches courses and workshops, and hosts gatherings and festivals at their Willow Crossing Farm in Johnson.

Outside of teaching, Keith consults with forward-thinking landowners, community organizations, schools, towns, farmers, homesteaders, watershed organizations, land trusts, and others to interpret ecological context and make human-managed ecosystems more connected, beautiful, and productive - assisting people to better grow food, build soil, secure fresh water, harvest the sun, and harmonize with natural communities.

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