Victor Guadagno

My work is rooted in the fact that natural systems are the most stable & resilient examples that we have. We can redesign our human systems to look and function like natural systems. As a digital storyteller and ecological leader, my goal is to organize and inspire people to become art of the solution. As we reconnect to our natural would, we redefine our sense of purpose as interdependent species on our living earth.

I produce digital media that brings together visual and audio elements to inspire people and reconnect to the natural world. I work with natural patterns and rhythm. Like a simple song pattern of verse & chorus, a short video or feature film also follows beats and rhythm. My goal is to help people reconnect with natural rhythms…from their heartbeat to the natural patterns of our living earth. Personal and global change starts with the increased awareness of our place in the web of life.

My work as an organizer and ecological leader is simply another expression of the patterns and rhythm of nature. Once we understand that our systems can be abundant, available to all and regenerative, we become motivated to share. We can regain our sense of purpose and common humanity if we return to the natural patterns as interdependent species on the earth. Using the knowledge of ecosystems my goal as a leader is to encourage equitable and regenerative relationships. We’ve industrialized to the point that we’ve lost connection with our natural expression. We don’t need new information. We need strategies to remember our original instruction.

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