Jim Birmingham

Episode 38 - David Zuckerman, Lieutenant Governor of Vermont

In this episode we welcome David Zuckerman, The Lieutenant Governor of Vermont.

David Zuckerman is the co-founder of Full Moon Farm, a NOFA-certified organic farm in Hinesburg, Vermont.

Inspired by then Congressman Bernie Sanders, David first ran for the Vermont House in 1994 while enrolled at the University of Vermont. He lost by 59 votes, but came back two years later to become the fourth Progressive Party member ever to serve in Montpelier.

David served for fourteen years (1997-2010) in the Vermont House of Representatives representing the City of Burlington in Chittenden 3-4. He served on the Natural Resources and Energy Committee (6 years), Agriculture Committee (6 years, 4 as Chair) and Ways and Means Committee (2 years). David’s leadership spans many issues including renewable energy, affordable housing, livable wages, cannabis reform, GMO legislation, universal healthcare, progressive taxation, marriage equality, and end-of-life choices.

David served in the Vermont Senate as a Progressive/Democrat since his election in 2012. He was the Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture.

In 2016, David was elected as the 80th Lt. Governor of Vermont.

Music for this episode: "The Good Life" & "Lovin' You" by Railroad Earth

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