Bo Muller-Moore

Episode 18 - Bo Muller-Moore

Bo Muller-Moore is the founder and owner of Eat More Kale,. He prints T-shirts, bumper stickers and other items and is most famous for his Eat More Kale T-shirt.

Bo is the inspiration for this year's EAT MORE KALE Festival. This first annual event is sure to be a good one. Their goal is to strengthen the arts and agricultural communities here in Vermont, which is at the core of the Designing Abundance mission, as we continue to understand and encourage our "PERMAnent CULTURE" here in Vermont.

Several years ago, Bo’s wife gave him a Home-T-shirt screen-printing kit. It consisted of a silk screen, a squeegee, a pint of black ink and a short instructional book. The book suggested that simple prints could be produced using hand-cut stencils. Sounded simple and off he went. “CHEESE” was his first print. It was a hit among his friends and co-workers. Having heard that he was printing t-shirts from home a couple of friends of his, Paul and Kate of High-Ledge Farm, penned the phrase “EAT MORE KALE” and special ordered two shirts for themselves. In less than 20 minutes. Bo printed their shirts and delivered them at the next farmer’s market. The idea became “viral” before people knew what “viral” was, then quickly spread to all corners of the world.

Bo was born in the city of Blues, Rock n’ Roll, BBQ and Elvis…..Memphis, TN. He’s lived in Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and Vermont. He received a History Degree from Samford University (B’ham, Al) in 1998. Before that he failed out of Auburn Univ and before that Rhodes College in Memphis. Bo liked college but was not very good at it. He now live in the state capital of Vermont, Montpelier, where he’s been living since 1998.

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