Andrew Faust

Episode 24 - Alex Chernomazov

Alex Chernomazov and his wife Ella are the co-founders of Greenspark, an Interactive Sustainability Park in development on Route 100 in Waterbury Center, Vermont. Their mission: to inspire local and global communities to adapt current green technologies through interactive hands-on experiences. Alex and Ella’s goal at Greenspark is to make it easy for guests to experience all aspects of sustainable living – renewable energy, green building and pollution-free transportation – in one place.

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Alex was born in the Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. Both his parents are teachers and his family travelled every summer, so Alex says that he has the travel itch in his blood. And his dad was a shop teacher, so he grew up around tools, and enjoyed tinkering and fixing stuff

In the mid-90s , when Alex was 16 years-old, he and his father moved to Brooklyn NY, with a big wave of Russian speaking immigrants from all over the former USSR. He lived in America yet all his friends were Russian speaking. He had a series of IT jobs, and over 20 or so years, he grew from pc support to server support to network design and network security.

Alex traveled a lot, with his wife Ella and soon discovered their shared passion for a sustainable life-style. Eventually they left their big city jobs and apartment behind, moved into the car, and spent a year zigzagging across USA and Canada, up to Alaska and back down to Florida. On that trip they were seeking out anything related to renewable energy, green building, and sustainability.

After the trip they settled in Vermont, bought a house, and had their daughter Maya. Meanwhile an idea of building a place to showcase everything they had learned over the past several years was brewing in their heads, and they kept looking for the right place to realize that vision.

Alex and Ella purchased a piece of land on Route 100, just north of Waterbury Center, and Greenspark was born. They hope to open in the summer of 2017, and are seeking support and partners in this inspired vision.

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