Jaquelyn Reike

Episode 30 - Rabble-Rouser Creative Vision, with Jaquelyn Rieke

This episode is a conversation about how the Bordertown podcast aligns with the Rabble-Rouser creative vision. Our guest is the founder of Nutty Steph’s and one of the visionary’s behind Rabble-Rouser, Jaquelyn Rieke. She will provide background on the formation of the Rabble Rouser, collaboratively-owned Chocolate Factory and Community Center, and discuss the creative vision. Vic Guadagno will discuss ecomedia and the goals of the Bordertown Podcast. Music Director Rob Meehan discusses our musical ideas, and offers insight as a long-time advocate for food justice.

Bordertown has moved from the studio to a live setting and the first few episodes are visioning sessions to discuss collaborative goals and emerging strategies. This week we discuss synergies between Bordertown and the Rabble-Rouser Community Center.

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