Rabble Rousers

Episode 29 - Rabble Rousers-Opening Celebration

We're taking the show on the road. After several years of recording interviews in our home studio, we are embarking on a public conversation at Montpelier’s new Rabble Rouser – Chocolate Factory and Community Center.

In this episode we join the Rabble Rouser community at their launch party. We hear from Jaquelyn Rieke (formerly known as Nutty Steph), the visionary behind this undertaking. We also hear from Bill Kaplan, forward thinking landlord with a strong commitment to community. We speak with just a few of the folks behind the building renovation, architect Tolya Stonorov, woodworker Eyrich Stauffer and painter/artist Hans Stewart. We chat briefly with Montpelier Alive’s Dan Groberg and wrap up with owner of the Hive, and now Rabble Rouser, Ryan Geary.

This episode represents a new format for the Bordertown podcast as we are recording live, in a public setting. This is the first of a long-discussed format, in hopes to better achieve our goal of creating conditions for relationships building and enriching communication in our region.

Commercial Music, Hard Livin' by Railroad Earth.

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