Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke

Episode 25 - Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke

Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke has been the owner of Nutty Steph's for the past 14 years. Born and raised in Suburban Chicago, Jaquelyn made her way east after college. Spending a bit of time in Baltimore, she ultimately landed in central Vermont where she's been every since

On the Nutty Steph's website you can find their mission - "Nutty Steph's is a small-but-mighty organization comprised of dedicated and creative people unified to insire a more delicious world. Since 2003, Nutty Steph's has hand-crafted it's products with the highest quality, GMO-Free ingredeients to ensure that our treats are always the tastiest they can be. We employ individuals with exacting standards and highly sensitive palates, working in harmony to produce execptional granola, chocolate and confections".

In addition to owning Nutty Steph's, Jaquelyn and her husband own the Onion River Campground, where visitors can simply camp for a lovely evening by the river or host fantastic parties for friends and family. For the past three years the Onion River Campground has hosted Weirdofest, which is quickly becoming a Vermont tradition.

Jaquelyn is currently transitioning Nutty Steph's to a worker owned coop. Her dedication to people and community can be found in the pledge at the bottom of her emails, "I pledge my commitment to personal reflection and assessment of my conduct as I strive to do my part to build a more civil society - one in which each person is respected and public and political discourse are aimed at the betterment of our communities, our state, and our nation. I will respect others' rights who hold different opinions, strive to understand differing perspectives, avoid rhetoric that humiliates and belittles others, speak out against incivility, and act to promote respect for all people".

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